Accessible Scattering of Ashes

Wetwheels Yorkshire

At Wetwheels Yorkshire we are aware that many people choose to have their ashes scattered at a favourite place, which for many means the sea. Wetwheels Yorkshire is the only option available on the Yorkshire Coast for those who's family members may have mobility issues or are wheelchair users and, whilst not a part of our routine 'day to day' adventures, we feel it is appropriate to offer the opportunity when we possibly can.

Scattering of a loved one's ashes is a very personal matter and we are happy to discuss various options and may, on occasion, be able to offer this service in other ports and harbours as part of our outreach work.

Please note that Wetwheels Yorkshire adheres to all guidelines and any items such as wreaths or urns must be wholly biodegradable. Please check with us before your trip.

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