New locations announced - please support us

We are delighted to announce our next target locations today at The SBS BoatLife Show 2023 - Wetwheels Cymru and Wetwheels East Anglia. 

Geoff joined friends from the maritime sector on stage through our role as chosen charity for this fantastic event.

“It is wonderful to see so many supporters and colleagues from across the marine industry today, and to share the news of our next target locations. This shows our progress as an organisation but more importantly the fact that there remain many, many disabled people who have very limited, if any, access to the open water in The UK. 

Providing this barrier-free access to many who have never been on the water, and who suffered significantly through the pandemic with depression and isolation, has been and will continue to be, incredibly important. 

Wetwheels has managed to navigate these challenging waters with Edinburgh arriving in Port Edgar next month, and Torbay arriving early 2024. The locations I am sharing today - East Anglia and Cymru, to be based in Cardiff but serving all of Wales - marks a major expansion of our reach and geography, and we are excited by the prospect of arriving in new communities.

It is vital to stress however that we require the support and funding necessary for both and that hard work starts now. Each boat will require c. £225,000, on the water – a challenging sum to raise – but every pound really will count.

We have shown with our fleet of 8 boats this is achievable. Those who believe in our Vision and respect our commitment to the safety and empowerment of everyone who comes onboard, can help us reach more people and open up the unique and truly special impact of being on the water. I hope you are inspired to join us on this journey. Email myself or Director Neil Wilson if you'd like to learn more or support the new boats - thank you, and thanks also to the SBS BoatLife 2023 team for creating such a great event for us to be part of.”