Overcoming Obstacles with Martin House Children's Hospice

Wetwheels Yorkshire

The team of volunteers at Wetwheels Yorkshire work with many wonderful organisations to ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to take part in a safe adventure on the sea.  One of our key partners is Martin House Children's Hospice based at Boston Spa (Between York and Leeds) and we LOVE their 'can do' attitude.  Removing barriers to ensure the children and young people in their care have the opportunity to take part in an activity such as Wetwheels isn't without its complications but, on a recent trip from Whitby, they exceeded their own high standards by really going the extra mile.

Twin girls, aged just two, along with parents and grandparents were scheduled for a trip on a beautiful sunny morning recently but, following a series of medical complications overnight, the trip was in doubt.  Knowing the family was really excited to be going out to sea and were determined to give their lovely daughters the opportunity, Martin House sent two specialist nurses from their team to follow the family in their car and even wait in the harbour in Whitby 'just in case'.  The easy option would have been to postpone and reschedule the trip but, in many situations, that isn't always an option. 

The specially trained staff on board Wetwheels Yorkshire also ensured the family had a memorable and stress free trip and some delightful memories to share.  The pictures tell their own story...

"Thank you again for our Wet Wheels trip - we had such an amazing time and the girls loved it!!  We also really appreciated how calm and unphased you both were when Sophia had her full paralysis / dystonic episode. You really put us at ease and made us feel safe and in control. We’d never be able to take them on a boat normally - it felt like we beat their disability for the day!!"  L.C.

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