Wetwheels Yorkshire Whale Watching Dates 2020

Wetwheels Yorkshire

In an exciting development Wetwheels Yorkshire have joined forces with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to enable disabled cetacean enthusiasts (that's whales, dolphins and porpoise) to take part in a series of surveys on board Yorkshire's first specially adapted, fully accessible power boat.  A group of participants will be joined on board by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust experts who will be on hand to provide information and instruction on how to carry out an official marine survey.  This will involve running a transect (a pre-determined 'line') of 15 miles and noting all observations of cetaceans, sea conditions and such.  This data will be added to that already being gathered by Wetwheels Yorkshire during the season.

Participants wishing to book on board these trips should contact bookings@wetwheelsyorkshire.com for further information.

Preliminary dates/times are:

Saturday 18th July                     17:00hrs - 20.00hrs

Wednesday 19th August            17:00hrs - 20.00hrs    FULLY BOOKED 

Wednesday 2nd November        17:00hrs - 20:00hrs

Places will be limited so please book early.