Harry Wwy

Back where we belong...on the water!

Wetwheels Yorkshire has roared back into action following the easing of C-19 restrictions and the implementation of a stringent set of guidelines to keep participants and crew safe whilst out in the fresh air of Yorkshire. Many have chosen a visit to...

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Wwy Back

Trips Resume July 14th

In the early stages of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Wetwheels Yorkshire anticipated that, sadly, it would be highly unlikely that we would be able to operate in 2020 as many of our participants have underlying health conditions and are particularly vuln...

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WWY Dementia Forward

Wetwheels Yorkshire and Dementia Forward

Memories of 2019. Whilst we have been unable to take our participants onto the water recently, we have been delighted to catch up with several of our participant groups through the wonders of modern technology. Notably, Wetwheels Yorkshire held sever...

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WWY Live

Wetwheels Yorkshire Live! World Oceans Day Whales Special

Click https://youtu.be/qPJBQljLxxo to see the team from Wetwheels Yorkshire Live! along with Bex Lynam (North Sea Marine Advocacy Officer for the North Sea Wildlife Trusts at the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust) and a panel of special guests to celebrate Wo...

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