Maritime Adventures

Wetwheels Maritime Adventures is our project to provide participatory on-the-water experiences to disabled adults.

The experience is open to all disabled people – even those with the most profound and complex impairments – and can be tailored to suit the needs of the participants and the aims of the partner organisations we work with.

For many disabled people, the experience is a new one, as the opportunity has simply not existed before.  For people with acquired impairments, the experience allows the chance to revisit an environment – the open water – that had become closed to them.  Because of this, Wetwheels Maritime Adventures builds confidence and improves mental and physical wellbeing.

Zanna Finnerty, Refocus

"The majority of the people we support are unable to communicate with words, but you would clearly be able to see that they enjoyed themselves.  If you can, imagine being in a wheelchair for most of your day, being pushed from one room to another.  Now imagine sitting on a speeding boat with the sun shining and the wind blowing past you.  Each and every one of the people who went on Wetwheels came off with a smile.

It would appear we now have the bug and this is an annual event we all look forward to.