My latest journey .. Founder Geoff Holt

I am really excited to be circumnavigating the UK again although, knowing the challenges that lay ahead, this will be the most daring and challenging project I ever undertaken. I have been in a wheelchair for 40 years this year, although wiser and more experienced, my body is not as forgiving as it once was. The journey ahead will be a test for not only my physical endurance but also a mental challenge. 

Hopefully, by demonstrating a quadriplegic, 40 years paralysed from the chest down, still has the ability to achieve my dreams, it will inspire more disabled people to find out more about Wetwheels and for more people to be part of the amazing work we do.

My wife Elaine will be with me all the way as she has been for so many years, and I cannot thank her enough with my son Tim for their unyielding support. 

See you on the water.

Geoff Holt MBE DL.