Young Mariners

Wetwheels Young Mariners is our programme for disabled young people and children.  It is available to all disabled young people regardless of the nature of their disability.

The experience can be tailored to suit the educational, personal, or developmental needs of the participants, by focusing on particular areas of interest.

For many of the young people who join us, this is a new experience that had been previously unavailable to them.  By providing a new experience we help broaden horizons, encourage participation in other activities, build confidence, and improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Zoe Coltart, Activities Director, Treloar Trust:

“Wetwheels offers our students a unique and exhilarating sensory experience.  Our most profound and complex students would not be able to recall this experience after a short time of returning to Treloars, but for that moment we see the joy and the emotion they show is always of enjoyment and happiness.  The benefits are short term but are positive: feelings of elation; being outside; staff experiencing the students’ joy. Our students love the trips without doubt.  For that trip, or day their confidence is increased, they may have lower anxiety and being outside is always good for their wellbeing for that time.”