Captains Classic - Mixed Bookings

Wetwheels Solent

This is a 90 minute trip which includes a trip around the harbour tour plus high-speed experience out in the Solent. Every participant gets the chance to helm the boat making for a thrilling wet and fast ride! 

A mixed booking also requires the boat to have other participants on board - so your booking may need to be moved if your bookings are the only ones.

The Captain checks tides and weather to decide on the trip destination on morning of the booking.

As a finale to all of our trips, once you are back on dry land, you also have free entry to the Spinnaker Tower, please let the Captain know you would like to visit and we can organise this for you.

Please note that when you book, your initial enquiry is a booking request. As soon as we know we have crew available (our crew are all volunteers) we will decline or confirm you booking. Please call 07904 997622 to discuss your trip.


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