Goodwin Sands Seal Watching

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The Goodwin Sands are well know for being an abdominally within the English Channel, emerging from the sea at low water, this hazard to shipping hosts over 2000 ship wreaks and holds a mystically hypnotic presence.  

It also has become home to a colony of both Harbour and Grey seals. Whilst the Grey's migrate to Norfolk or Lincolnshire to breed, the Harbour seals remain in the area, breeding successfully on the every changing sands in the middle of the English Channel. 


On our experience, we will leave Dover Harbour heading out to sea towards the sands, firstly along the coast before heading out to the colony. Unlike the Coastal Sea Safari, the seals who live on the Goodwin Sands do change their hauling out sites.

Therefore, we will head to the areas we are most likely to see them such as Goodwin Knoll on North Calliper or at Kellett Gut and Trinity Bay on South Calliper. As with all wild animals, patience is the key, but these playful pups of the sea are very inquisitive and have been know to come and play with the boat!

Depending on sea state and the seals we may head out to the East Goodwin Light Vessel, this ship was established in 1874 to warn shipping of the dangerous Goodwin Sands. 

On this experience we will be remaining on the boat, to watch the seals in their natural habitats.

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