Wetwheels 500 Club - November 2019 Winners

Wetwheels Jersey

And the winners of this month’s 500 club prize draw are....

1st Prize £150

Ticket no. 344 Name: Robert Adams

2nd Prize £75

Ticket no. 483 Name: Richard Liron

£30 ticket no. 338 Name: Richard Woodhouse
£30 ticket no. 367 Name: James Cumming

£25 ticket no. 020 Name: Alan & Pat Wells
£25 ticket no. 268 Name: Bernie Manning
£25 ticket no. 491 Name: Richard Jones
£25 ticket no. 370 Name: Geoff Blackstone

Congratulations and many thanks for your support

A big thank you also to last months top winner, Martin Journeaux who kindly made a generous donation to WWJ.