Wetwheels environmental policy

The Wetwheels Foundation and the Wetwheels Operators are committed to minimising any negative impact on the environment.  We exist to provide disabled people with the opportunity to experience the sea on board our accessible powerboats.  It would be irresponsible of us to damage the marine environment in the course of our work. 

With this in mind, we will aim, where possible, to adhere to the following environmental policy in addition to complying with all relevant environmental legislation:

  • Eliminate unnecessary travel and use of energy.
  • Purchase goods and services that cause the least harm to the environment.
  • Include environmental and ethical considerations when making decisions.
  • Avoid waste and promote the conservation, reuse and recycling of resources.
  • Work closely with suppliers and other organisations with the maritime, disability and charity sectors to ensure that all equipment used minimises any negative impact on the environment and develop best practice models.

In relation to the last point:  We use the latest fuel efficient, ‘lean burn’ outboard engines, but recognise the use of petrol in those engines is not ideal from an environmental perspective.  We look forward to the day when comparable, alternative-fuelled engines, suitable for our activities become available.  In the interim, we are working with our engine suppliers to improve the fuel efficiency and environmental impact of their products by providing detailed user data and feedback.

In addition to the above, on our boats, we will:

  • Helm responsibly, minimising wash in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Anchor responsibly, to avoid damaging environmentally sensitive sea bed habitats.
  • Ensure that no waste is thrown over the side, or any other item that wouldn’t normally belong in the sea.

All trustees, directors, staff, skippers, crew and volunteers are responsible for improving our environmental impact and will be supported to ensure they follow this policy.

We recognise that a commitment to the environment is an ongoing process and this policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure we are following current best practices.

Andrew Fell

Chair of the Trustees

Wetwheels Foundation

28 November 2019