Wetwheels South West Covid-19 Safety Measures

Wetwheels South West

Wetwheels South West Covid-19 Safety Measures.

At Wetwheels South West, we want you to have a brilliant time with our team on our custom built, fully accessible powerboat, especially after the hardships many people have faced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our team always prioritise safety out on the water so your trip is risk assessed for your safety while out on our boat. As part of our risk assessments, we have implemented new safety measures which we ask our team and visitors to follow before, during and after your trip.

We are active advocates for providing a return to activities for people with disabilities and recognise that some of our passengers fall into the most vulnerable groups. The disabled access powerboat offers an environment with a low risk of transmission of Covid-19 through minimising contact with the wider public while still allowing you to get out into nature and take part in an outdoor activity. Through our safety measures, we hope your experience will have a positive impact on your physical and mental health and reduce your risk of contracting Covid-19.


What safety measures have been put in place to protect passengers from Covid-19?

We have a number of measures that have been implemented before you arrive at the docks, and during your experience on the boat. At each point of your experience, our team will guide you through what you need to do but if you’d feel more prepared, we’ve outlined the measures we will follow below.

Currently, we are only accepting groups of 6 people from the same household or a maximum of two households for our trips.

Usually, we would give participants the opportunity to steer the boat but with current restrictions this will only be done by the skipper. However, you will get the opportunity to visit the wheelhouse while out on the water to see the inner workings of the boat.


Before your Wetwheels experience:

Before you arrive at the dock, there are a few tasks you will need to complete. This is mainly paperwork which will be online for the most part. This includes:

-Asking you to answer our Covid-19 questions and signing an acknowledgement.

-Gathering your information for Track and Trace requirements, this will include your full name and address and a contact number.

-Taking payments electronically or by card, we are currently not accepting cash.

-We are no longer able to provide refreshments on your trip so please bring any that you require, including enough water to remain hydrated.

If you are feeling a little anxious about Covid-19, you may feel comfortable bringing your own face mask, visor and hand sanitiser to know that you are ready and prepared. We can supply face masks and hand sanitiser to you on our boat, free of charge.


Before you arrive at your experience, please read through the questions below:

1.    Do you currently have any of the following symptoms (however mild): fever, cold symptoms, new continuous cough, unexpected fatigue, general malaise, or loss of taste/smell?

2.    Have you had any of the above symptoms in the past two weeks?

3.    Do any individuals in your house, currently have any of the above symptoms, or have had these symptoms in the past 2 weeks?

4.    Have you been in contact in the last 2 weeks with anyone who has had Covid-19 infection or symptoms associated with the disease (as above)?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please call us and we will talk through alternative options for your visit.


During your Wetwheels experience:

At the start of your Wetwheels experience a member of our crew will meet you at the designated meeting point and will maintain social distancing.

Our staff are fully trained in coronavirus procedures in order to reduce transmission. As part of our procedures, our crew will:

-Have a supply of masks and gloves available to all users.

-Undergo temperature checks before you are on board.

-Confirm with Wetwheels that they are free of Covid symptoms before your trip.

-Follow hand washing and hand sanitising procedures throughout your experience.

-Keep a safe distance away from participants.

-Wear protective equipment (e.g. masks/visors, gloves) if they need to be within a social distance of participants.

-Sanitise equipment as and when it is used.

While Covid restrictions are in place, we will restrict our crew to the skipper plus an extra member of the team, they will be from the same household where practical.

For visitors, there are a number of rules that we will need you to follow while you are on board. Our crew will talk these through with you on the day. While out on the water with us, please remember to:

-Follow the instructions of the crew.

-Keep a social distance as much as possible.

-Answer honestly to our Covid symptoms questions.

-Regularly use hand sanitiser where appropriate.

Once on board, care-givers will need to fit their own lifejackets and those of participants, the crew will be present to guide and instruct you through this process. At the end of the trip, care-givers will need to remove lifejackets too. Following each trip, all lifejackets will be sanitised and stored separately, where possible, we’ll try not to use the lifejackets for 72 hours after the trip.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these measures. We’re really excited to get back on the water and look forward to welcoming you to Wetwheels South West.