Harbour Breezes

Harbour Breezes is Wetwheels’ project for people living with dementia.

After our first trips with people living with dementia, we noticed the highly stimulating sensory environment helped with memory recall and with forming new memories – especially if the experience was repeated.

Building on those early results and working with partner organisations, Harbour Breezes offers people living with dementia the opportunity to participate in three Wetwheels experiences and is growing year on year.

Please watch the video to find out more:


Cliff Cropley, Dementia Support Worker, Alzheimer's Society:

"Thank you so much for the experience Wetwheels gave everyone.  It has made such a positive impact on so many lives.

The idea of having three trips as opposed to one really did make a difference.  One individual really enjoyed the first experience, but they were unable to recall the trip a few days later.  Whilst on the second trip they were able to recall the first trip and told their family about it.  On the third trip, and just about to take the wheel just off the Isle of Wight, they said 'This is exactly where we were last time, but slightly closer to shore'.  They were spot on!

This person had spent a lot of their younger years on the water and the Wetwheels experience brought all those happy memories flooding back.  This person and their wife had a fantastic experience and are so grateful for the opportunity they were given."