Read about our different areas of work and the experience of some of our participants.

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Special memories in Yorkshire

Wetwheels Yorkshire

My twins, Ruby and Sophia, were 2 when we first went on a Wetwheels trip. They have a rare neurological condition which causes a range of transient symptoms, including sudden, prolonged respiratory arrests which require ventilation with a bag and val...

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Mason's poem

Wetwheels Solent

The poem below was written by Mason, one of our young beneficiaries: Legs that worked was so much fun, I’d spin, hop and run, Jumping, skipping, rolling around, laughing hard, I’d fall to the ground. That’s now a dream, laying in bed, happy day...

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Fin Allen Helming Wetwheels South West

Fin Takes to the Waves

Wetwheels South West

Finley Allen was the first wheelchair user to take the helm of the new Wetwheels South West boat. Here is what Fin had to say after the trip: As we got on the Wetwheels South West boat in Falmouth, tied my chair to the deck (when I wasn’t driving)...

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Christopher's story

Wetwheels Solent

I just wanted to say thank you once again. We were first lucky enough to have a trip with you from Yarmouth out to the Needles in 2015. You gave my son Christopher, who is non-verbal and has severe Autism, the opportunity to drive the boat. I was emo...

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