Mason's poem

Wetwheels Solent

The poem below was written by Mason, one of our young beneficiaries:


Legs that worked was so much fun, I’d spin, hop and run,

Jumping, skipping, rolling around, laughing hard, I’d fall to the ground.

That’s now a dream, laying in bed, happy days spinning round my head.

Remembering as things used to be, before being taken away by DMD.

Life’s different in my wheelchair, I’m angry, sad, life’s so unfair,

On the sidelines, that’s how it feels, no-one plays with me in my wheels.

I long to feel, happy and free, soaring like a bird, over the sea,

Skimming waves, bouncing around, jumping up and down,

Laughing loud, sea splashing my face, I’m winning a race!

Sun kissed, happy, I’ll feel the breeze, rustling my hair, tickling my knees!

Ending the day snuggled in bed, magical feelings racing round my head.

I’ll remember what Wetwheels gave to me,

Mason Fearnley, as he was meant to be.


Mason Fearnley