Wetwheels RNLI joint training newsletter

Wetwheels Jersey

The aims of the morning were to practice transfers of casualties between one boat and another, using a rigid stretcher and hoisting casualties, retrieval of MOB and the experience of deploying and using a time expired life raft. Life rafts are cramped and claustrophobic by their very nature and it is good for crew to understand what being inside one feels like. The morning was also an excellent opportunity for crew to work together and share expertise, and bond as a team.

Volunteer crew and skippers of Wetwheels always want to ensure that their skills, and therefore the safety of their passengers, were well and truly rehearsed, should any emergency occur. This was the first of a series of joint exercises that Wetwheels wants to run in conjunction with various rescue services.  We also hope to work alongside The Jersey Lifeboat Association in the future with their All Weather Lifeboat. We also want to work alongside rescue RIBs.

The RNLI crew demonstrated how they stretcher casualties and then transfer them from the casualty vessel to the All-Weather Lifeboat, either manually or using a hoist. Wetwheels has recently been fitted with a similar block and tackle system for assisting with the retrieval of a “man overboard” which in this instance was a dummy. Both crews took time to practise and refine the techniques for this, and the RNLI were able to offer simple but effective revisions and additions to Wetwheels’ already good practice.

Finally, Wetwheels launched an expired life raft so that crew could experience what it is like to board, stay in, and alight from such a raft. Wetwheels often carries passengers who are wheelchair users, and this adds an extra dimension to the techniques that need to be thought through. Annually Wetwheels aims to take over 1000 passengers to sea, who otherwise would not have access to the joys of boating. The youngest passenger was 2 whilst the oldest to date was a spirited 97 years old!

Wetwheels tries to ensure that beneficiaries are active participants, rather than simply passengers and that they have the opportunity to steer the vessel, learn seamanship, gain knowledge of the local maritime features and history and try their luck at fishing alongside their peers, friends and families.   The experience is truly inclusive, helping to improve aspirations and increase confidence.

Wetwheels is always seeking additional skippers and crew members so that the demands of the role can be shared. Our crew members have a rich variety of experience and qualifications from RYA Day Skipper and First Aid, to Power Boat 2 and Survival At Sea.  However, a background on the sea is a good starting point and a willingness to give some time to trips. If anyone is interested in volunteering and has suitable boating background, details can be obtained from Dina Cook, Operations Director on 07797919006.