Eastbourne Outreach July 2024

Wetwheels Solent

We will be in Eastbourne from 15th to 26th July - Join us for a fun filled experience!

Join us and Wetwheels South East for our visit to Eastbourne (Sovereign Harbour).

Experience going through a sea-lock and then heading out past Eastbourne Pier to Beach Head lighthouse. Eastbourne is always a fabulous week and sells-out within hours so be sure to book early.

This year we are bringing two Wetwheels boats to Eastbourne across 2 weeks, joining together for our amazing Pirates Saturday on 20th July 2024.  If you have a large party you are welcome to book both boats on Sunday 21st July.

We can't guarantee that this may not lead to some friendly competition and that water pistols may have been stashed onboard.  

To discuss your requirements please contact Wetwheels South East who are coordinating bookings for both boats.

You can reach us at info@wetwheelssoutheast.co.uk or call the office on 01304600201

WWS Beachy HeadWWS Eastbourne lock

Click the blue icons on the map to find out more on the sights you will see during your experience.

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