Scarborough Adventure

Wetwheels Yorkshire

Once everyone is settled on board, our lines will be cast off and our adventure begins. At a leisurely pace, whilst everyone gets comfortable and settled, Wetwheels Yorkshire will spend a few minutes in Scarborough's historic harbour before passing under the shadow of the lighthouse and into South Bay. Subject to conditions the itinerary may include travelling to local areas of interest such as North Bay, Hayburn Wyke or Ravenscar Seal Colony or we may turn South and head towards Cayton Bay and Filey Brigg. Whatever the route, participants will enjoy approximately 90 minutes of safe, stimulating and adventurous fun on the sea. If we are very lucky, we may encounter seals, porpoise, and the now-regular visitors to Scarborough, bottlenose dolphins!

Where possible, participants will even get the opportunity to access the helm and steer the boat.

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