Launched in 2018, Wetwheels Yorkshire became the fifth regional operator for the national disability power boating charity Wetwheels Foundation. It is community interest company number 10158051.

    Wetwheels Yorkshire has her home in Whitby, so is perfectly positioned to operate across the region, from the North East to the Humber.

    A Wetwheels Yorkshire experience is designed to enable every disabled person the chance to experience the excitement of power boating. Wetwheels Yorkshire is fully accessible - not just giving you the chance to be a passenger, but also to take the helm as the skipper - everybody gets the chance to drive!

    We depend on the goodwill of our wonderfully experienced volunteers and generous donors to bring Wetwheels Yorkshire to you. If you would like to be part of a Wetwheels Yorkshire experience, it doesn't matter if you're young or old; Just get in touch with Peter in the office to arrange your visit.

    The Wetwheels Yorkshire team look forward to welcoming you aboard.

    If you are looking to make a booking for a group (10 participants) please contact us directly, otherwise, click the link below:


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    Engine Appeal. 

    If you would like to support the activities of Wetwheels Yorkshire specifically, please click the following link to ensure your donation supports the work of Yorkshire.  Every penny you donate will go towards ensuring as many local people as possible access the sea. SUPPORT YORKSHIRE


    • WWY - Whitby

      Whitby Harbour Tour and River Esk Experience

      Designed for participants who would like to experience a slower, more relaxed introduction to Wetwheels Yorkshire, this experience does not leave the harbour and head out to sea but rather takes a more relaxed route around Whitby's historical harbour.

    • wwy-fishing 2

      Whitby Accessible Fishing

      Once we leave Whitby harbour your skipper will determine the best route to provide a pleasant fishing experience and, once we reach our chosen location, our trained crew will assist anglers to get their lines in the water and fish.

    • 2022best7, WWY

      Whitby Adventure

      Our most popular accessible activity. Subject to conditions the itinerary may include travelling to local areas of interest such as Sandsend, Runswick Bay, Robin Hoods Bay or Ravenscar Seal Colony.

    • WWY - Scarborough 3

      Scarborough Adventure

      Once everyone is settled on board, our lines will be cast off and our adventure begins. At a leisurely pace, whilst everyone gets comfortable and settled, Wetwheels Yorkshire will spend a few minutes in Scarborough's historic harbour before passing under the shadow of the lighthouse and into South Bay.

    • WWY - Wildlife 2

      Whitby Accessible Wildlife Adventure

      Leaving Whitby harbour, and subject to sea conditions, Wetwheels Yorkshire will head out into the blue and search for the marine megafuana that visits the Yorkshire Coast in the summer .

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    Our terrific crew of volunteers

    As with any successful organisation, it is our people that make the difference.

    Our team of volunteer crew undergo specialist disability awareness training in a maritime context, training in such essential tasks such as boat safety, safeguarding and much more.

    We even have a small group of 'land crew' that carry out the necessary logistics, fundraising and back-office tasks that every organisation needs.

    The people that really make Wetwheels Yorkshire work, however, are the mums and dads, the care staff and other support workers who choose to make the effort to bring our participants along to take part in a Wetwheels trip.

    Pete Wwy Yorkshire

    Peter Richardson

    Chair & Skipper

    Peter is the chairman and founder of Wetwheels Yorkshire CIC.  As a professionally qualified skipper Peter spends his time away from the desk, at the helm of Wetwheels Yorkshire.

    A retired business owner, Peter is vice-chair of York Sharks Wheelchair Basketball Club, a founding member of the Whitby Community Alliance, Safeguarding Officer of YCTC (RYA York Cruiser Training Centre) and sits on the North Yorkshire Disability Sports Steering Group.

    Philippa Wwy Yorkshire

    Philippa Norman

    Company Secretary

    Philippa has spent her career in healthcare including hospitals, the community and specialist environments.  Philippa delivers Wetwheels Yorkshire's 'Disability Awareness Training in a Maritime Context' to our team.


    Shane Barton


    Shane has spent most of his professional life working in IT and joined Wetwheels Yorkshire as a member of the crew in 2020 after seeing how much pleasure boating brought to his daughter Chloe, who is a wheelchair user.

    Shane wanted to help bring that experience to more people.

    Shane enjoys spending his free time with his daughter, Cycling and Boating (ideally with his daughter), and of course, being one of the volunteers onboard Wetwheels Yorkshire. 

      Wetwheels Yorkshire 5,000

      Celebrating 5,000 with Wetwheels Yorkshire

      Since her launch in June 2018 Wetwheels Yorkshire has been busy delivering safe, exciting and fully accessible adventures on the Yorkshire Coast (and beyond) and reached a significant milestone recently. 5,000 disabled participants and their families...

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      A VIP onboard! "Captain Tobias"

      Who could forget the amazing Captain Tom Moore? Well, another inspirational Yorkshireman spent his lock-down following in Captain Tom's footsteps by raising more than 157,000 for his local school and Hospital Charity by completing a series of Iron M...

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