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Wetwheels Hamble Newsletter 2021

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Christmas at Wetwheels

Wetwheels Foundation

At this special time of year, may I share a heartfelt thank you to everyone for helping us achieve so much in 2021. This is with the backdrop of an often challenging time, as Covid 19 sadly still affects so much of what we do. But through the hard wo...

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Wetwheels Jersey 500 Club - December 2021

Wetwheels Jersey

And the winning numbers of the 500 club prize draw for December 2021 are... 1st Prize 150 Ticket no. 445 2nd Prize 75 Ticket no. 086 30 ticket no. 296 30 ticket no. 091 25 ticket no. 456 25 ticket no. 004 25 ticket no. 034 25 ticket no. 199 C...

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Hrhcharity Forum

The Princess Royal's charity forum

Wetwheels Foundation

The Foundation was pleased to be included in the Princess Royal's Charity Forum at St James's Palace this week along with a further 80 of the 200 charities of which she is Patron. The event gave charities the opportunity to share some of the issues f...

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