Wetwheels Jersey 500 Club 29th April

Wetwheels Jersey

And the winning numbers of the 500 club prize draw, April 2022 are...   1st Prize £150 Ticket no.  337 2nd Prize £75  Ticket no.  184 £30 ticket no.          480 £30 ticket no.          440     £25 ticket...

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A runaway success .. !

Wetwheels Foundation

What a day … we did it! Congratulations to everyone on Team Wetwheels, which included the top Pantaenius team, and with the sun shining everyone truly went the 'extra mile' ABP Southampton Marathon raising vital funds for Wetwheels Hamble and We...

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Philip and Joseph run for Wetwheels

Wetwheels Foundation

We have 11 amazing ABP Southampton Marathon runners this Sunday. Every pound they raise will help provide life-changing, barrier-free trips on the water with Wetwheels Solent and Wetwheels Hamble.  Here is Joseph, and Father Philip's inspirin...

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A VIP onboard! "Captain Tobias"

Wetwheels Yorkshire

Who could forget the amazing Captain Tom Moore?  Well, another inspirational Yorkshireman spent his lock-down following in Captain Tom's footsteps by raising more than £157,000 for his local school and Hospital Charity by completing a series of Ir...

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