Wetwheels Yorkshire 5,000

Celebrating 5,000 with Wetwheels Yorkshire

Since her launch in June 2018 Wetwheels Yorkshire has been busy delivering safe, exciting and fully accessible adventures on the Yorkshire Coast (and beyond) and reached a significant milestone recently. 5,000 disabled participants and their families...

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A VIP onboard! "Captain Tobias"

Who could forget the amazing Captain Tom Moore? Well, another inspirational Yorkshireman spent his lock-down following in Captain Tom's footsteps by raising more than 157,000 for his local school and Hospital Charity by completing a series of Iron M...

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Club Wilber3

Wetwheels Yorkshire with Club Wilber

At the end of October half term, our Club Wilber families were fortunate to experience the joy of being out on the sea with the wonderful charity, Wetwheels. Starting the day grateful for some glorious sunshine (unseasonably good weather for October!...

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Rd Whish 5 Scaled

A magical story onboard Wetwheels Yorkshire

A wonderful story from Emma at Whitby Hidden Impairments Support and Help, kindly shared by The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights, after an Award to join us onboard: "Firstly, thank you once again for extending this grant and enabling us to carry out...

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