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  • WWY - Whitby

    Whitby Harbour Tour and River Esk Experience

    Wetwheels Yorkshire

    Designed for participants who would like to experience a slower, more relaxed introduction to Wetwheels Yorkshire, this experience does not leave the harbour and head out to sea but rather takes a more relaxed route around Whitby's historical harbour.

  • 2022best17

    Whitby Pirate Adventure

    Wetwheels Yorkshire

    Avast me hearties!  Wrap up well in your pirate gear as we set sail in search of treasure...

  • WWY - Ashes

    Accessible Scattering of Ashes

    Wetwheels Yorkshire

    At Wetwheels Yorkshire we are aware than many people choose to have their ashes scattered at a favourite place, which for many means the sea. Wetwheels Yorkshire is the only option available on the Yorkshire Coast for those who's family members may have mobility issues or are wheelchair users.

  • WWJ South Coast Cruise 2

    Jersey South Coast Cruise

    Wetwheels Jersey

    Departing from La Collette, we first head in to St Aubin’s Bay where an alternative view of Elizabeth Castle and St Aubin’s Fort can be enjoyed. From there we head around Noirmont Point and into Portlet Bay, moving further along the coast past Ouaisne Bay and into St Brelade’s Bay and Beauport taking in the sights of the wonderful coastline along the way.

  • WWJ Dolphins

    Jersey Dolphin spotting

    Wetwheels Jersey

    This trip takes a very similar route to the South Coast Cruise, however, we keep in touch with the local boating community and will head to wherever dolphins have been last spotted.

  • WWJ Fishing

    Jersey Fishing

    Wetwheels Jersey

    We mainly fish with feathers for Mackerel and have all the equipment needed onboard. Heading just off Noirmont Point we will first try our luck at catching fish here.

  • WWJ Outer Reefs

    Jersey Outer reefs

    Wetwheels Jersey

    On occasion we will venture to Les Ecrehous or Les Minquieres. Trips to the outer reefs take a minimum of four hours and as there are no toilet facilities onboard they are not suitable for everyone.

  • WWJ Private Hire

    Jersey Private Hire

    Wetwheels Jersey

    We operate approximately 10 private trips a year, in which for a fee you can hire Wetwheels for either a two hour trip or an outer reef experience.  Maximum 10 passengers including up to three wheelchair users. For more details and in order to book one of these trips please email Dina on